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Outrage after some French protesters urge police suicides
News ImagePARIS (AP) With French police suicides on the rise, Paris authorities are investigating yellow vest protesters who encouraged police to kill themselves.
Sun, 21 Apr 2019 10:11:57 -0400
Ilhan Omar: Somali Americans vow to stand up to Trump attacks
News ImageAfter being accused of endangering one of the citys US representatives, the president visited Minneapolis. Activists were there to meet himProtesters support Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar, outside an event attended by Donald Trump this week. Photograph: Kerem Yucel/AFP/Getty ImagesAs she stood in a crowd of protesters, helping hold a long Stand with Ilhan sign outside the trucking company in Burnsville where Donald Trump was about to speak, Habon Abdulle could not help but be swept up in the contradictory emotions of the moment.As a hijab-wearing Muslim woman who speaks with a slight Somali accent, and as executive director of Women Organizing Women (Wow) Network, a not-for-profit group dedicated to training and supporting East African immigrants who run for office, Abdulle had more than a passing familiarity with the some of the views reflected in signs and chants among a crowd of Trump supporters lined up across the street.There was the idea that Muslims were as a whole responsible for 9/11, and that the congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her supporters were affiliated with terrorist groups. There was another oldie-but-goodie: that the city of Minneapolis, like many urban centers dealing with an affordable housing shortage driven by an influx of new residents, is filled with crime-ridden no go zones governed by sharia law, where police supposedly fear to tread.&> We thought we passed the collective blaming, the punish the whole for the actions of a few'&> &> Habon AbdulleAbdulle was still a little surprised to see such arguments expressed so brazenly, out in the open, just as she had been a few days earlier when Trump retweeted a video meant to show Omar did not respect the tragedy of 9/11.There are conversations in my community, Abdulle told the Guardian. We thought we passed the collective blaming, the punish the whole for the actions of a few. Those were things that we experienced right after the 9/11 attack. And many of us actually thought we were done with that. But lately, it actually feels that its back. Its really weird, like: whats going on?&> On the pro-Ilhan side of the protests, two Muslim women, @nausheena and Asma Mohammed of @RISEsisterhood led many of the chants. &> &> Here, @HabonDaud explains why she thought it was important that Muslim women stand in the front.> &> Jared Goyette (@JaredGoyette) April 20, 2019She also saw reasons for optimism. A young Muslim woman walked in front of the pro-Omar group, wearing a black hijab and a keffiyeh scarf, holding a bullhorn and leading a chant. Abdulle watched as the crowd responded, many white and older Minnesotans included. That, she thought, was something she could work with.If we dont stand up for ourselves, she asked, who will? We have to stand up for ourselves and they felt someone who looks like them was attacked. And we were all of us out there saying, No. We are not going to accept. We have rights. It isnt fair that someone always has to other us. So, we went there because that was the right place to be that day.In the same moment, from the other side of the street, a tall man with a gray scraggly beard could be overheard cracking a joke.Hey, is that Omar? They all look the same to me.He might have been on to something, but not in the way he intended. The young Muslim women in the crowd did see themselves in Omar. That was why they were out in force.&> I came here to support my sister Ilhan. Shes been under attack and shes been facing death threats&> &> Ama MohammedI came here to support my sister Ilhan, the keffiyeh-wearing woman, Asma Mohammed, 26, told the Guardian. Shes been under attack and shes been facing death threats consistently, but even more so after Trump tweeted things about her that make her seem like she was sympathizing with terrorists.Mohammed said Omar was more than just a political figure: She is my sister, as Minnesotans; she is my sister as another woman of faith; as another woman who wears a hijab and faces that kind of hate on the daily.Such a mix of outrage, disappointment and incredulousness, along with a growing sense of empowerment, was common among activists the Guardian spoke to in Minneapolis in the week after Trumps tweet.Omars office was quieter than usual, declining media requests and not issuing statements, leaving Trump to deal with the fallout from the Mueller report without his favorite new foil to spar with.But if there is one thing Trump has been consistent about in his political career, it has been the targeting of migrants and Muslims in moves meant to appeal to his base. Many observers believe he will redouble such efforts as 2020 draws near.&> Shes anti-American. Shes anti-Jews Everyone knew the Muslims took down those buildings in New York&> &> Melody BlackOmar and Trump have become intrinsically linked, and not just on Trumps terms. Omar was elected to the House of Representatives in November as part of an anti-Trump blue wave that included Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. Before that, she made national news when she became the first Somali American in statewide office, on the night Trump was elected president. Her victory party at a Marriott in downtown Minneapolis was a rollercoaster, tears and dancing underscored by a sense of girding for a fight.Its going to be very tough, Omar said then. We have to figure out how to organize the community to prepare for whats to come. We have to amplify our voices of love against the rhetoric of hate.That fight has now come, though in a more direct way than many supporters thought possible. As Trump uses Omar to galvanize his base, he will inevitably rally hers. Last Mondays rival protests outside Trumps Tax Day event signalled such battles to come.&> In this clip, @nausheena and Asma Mohammed of @RISEsisterhood explain why they came to the standwithilhan protest in Burnsville on Monday.> &> Jared Goyette (@JaredGoyette) April 20, 2019Omar really needs to go, said Melody Black, a Trump supporter from Red Wing, Minnesota, as a man behind her held a Making America Great Again sign.Shes anti-American. Shes anti-Jews. Shes anti-Minnesotan. And everyone knew that the Muslims took down those buildings in New York. All of us watched it. And now theyre saying that were racist because we say it. But its the truth.Omar came from Somalia and her father taught her exactly how to do what shes doing including getting into government. Theyre trying to take over our government, the Muslims are.Trump supporters hoist a flag and give the thumbs-up. Photograph: Kerem Yucel/AFP/Getty ImagesOmar has indeed inspired other Muslim women to enter politics.Many women within the Somali community who never thought to run for office changed their mind, Abdulle said. The Minnesota state house now has its second female Somali American legislator, Hodan Hassan.Across the street from Black, Nausheena Hussain, a 42-year-old in a dark purple headscarf who directs a female-led Muslim not-for-profit organization, took her turn leading a round of chants. She said Trumps attacks on Omar had encouraged others.What Im hearing, specially my community, is that she cannot be alone, Hussain said. They are asking everybody to run for office that has those same progressive values, so she is not bearing the brunt of the responsibility by herself.And so I feel like 2020, you are going to see more people of color running for office, more Muslims or Muslim women, because not only do we not want her to be the only one there, but we have seen that shes able to fight and still get things done. More people need to back her up and to be part of that.Abdulle welcomed such words.Thats how we are going to end the polarization, she said. Thats how were going to end the hatred. Thats how were going to end the narrative that we are not American.Im going to repeat the whole day long: we are American.
Sun, 21 Apr 2019 01:00:43 -0400
South Carolina 5th-grader in school fight died of natural causes; no charges will be filed
News ImageOfficials said the 10-year-old died from a preexisting condition called arteriovenous malformation, and there was no evidence trauma led to her death.
Fri, 19 Apr 2019 22:25:52 -0400
Children of California 'house of horrors' parents beg judge for more lenient sentence
News ImageThe children of a California couple sentenced to life in prison for torturing them in a case that has shocked the US said they "forgive" their parents as they begged the judge for a more lenient sentence. David and Louise Turpin's 13 children were discovered malnourished, shackled to their beds and living in filthy conditions when their 17-year-old daughter escaped the home and raised the alarm last January. "I love both of my parents so much," said one of the daughters, in a statement read by her brother at a sentencing hearing on Friday. The comments were echoed by some of the other children, with one asking for a lighter sentence because "they believed everything they did was to protect us". The couple, who pleaded guilty to 14 charges including child abuse and torture in February, have been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years. Investigators said all but one of the children - the baby - was abused Credit: UPI / Barcroft Images The California "house of horrors" case, as it came to be known, shocked the US after the scale of the abuse was laid bare last year. When police entered the property in Perris, California they said it was covered in filth and the stench of human waste was overwhelming. The Turpins' offspring, who ranged from 2 - 29 years old at the time, were so severely malnourished they required urgent treatment for severe muscle wastage and neurological conditions. At least two girls have been left unable to bear children. The deeply religious couple told the court they believed God had called on them to have so many children. Louise Turpin, left, listens to her attorney, Jeff Moore, during a sentencing hearing Friday Credit: AP Mrs Turpin, 50, wept as the first public statements from some of the children, who alternately spoke of love for their parents and what they had suffered. None of the children were publicly identified. One of the girls pleaded for a lenient sentence, saying her parents believed "God put it into their hearts" to home school the 13 children but were unable to cope. Another said: "Life may have been bad but it made me strong. I fought to become the person that I am. I saw my dad change my mom. They almost changed me, but I realised what was happening. ... I'm a fighter, I'm strong and I'm shooting through life like a rocket." David Turpin, left, listens to his attorney during a sentencing hearing Friday Credit: AP Ahead of his sentence, Mr Turpin, 57, told the judge he never intended to harm his children, saying: "My homeschooling and discipline had good intentions". "I'm sorry for everything I've done to hurt my children. I love my children so much," Ms Turpin said. Judge Bernard Schwartz told the couple they had delayed their children's "emotional, mental and physical development" as he jailed them on Friday. "You have severed the ability to interact and raise the children that you created and brought into this world," he said. The court had previously heard how the children were only allowed to shower once a year and were mainly kept in their rooms except for meals, which had been reduced from three to one per day. Other than an occasional family trip to Las Vegas or Disneyland, they rarely left the home. They slept during the day and were active a few hours at night. Although the couple filed paperwork with the state to home school their children, learning was limited. "We don't really do school. I haven't finished first grade," the 17-year-old said, according to Deputy Manuel Campos. Investigators found that the toddler had not been abused, but all of the children were hospitalised after they were discovered. The seven adult children were living together and attending university in February when their parents pleaded guilty.
Fri, 19 Apr 2019 14:56:48 -0400
UPDATE 2-Syria's Assad discusses peace talks, Tartus port with Russians
UPDATE 2-Syria's Assad discusses peace talks, Tartus port with RussiansBEIRUT/MOSCOW, April 20 (Reuters) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met senior officials from his strongest ally Russia in Damascus on Friday and Saturday to discuss upcoming peace talks, renting out Tartus port and trade between the two countries, state media in Syria reported. Russia has helped Assad's forces to take back most of the country but the eight-year-long war continues. Swathes of the northeast and northwest are out of his control, while sanctions and a fuel shortage are constricting the economy.
Sat, 20 Apr 2019 11:44:20 -0400
Two Americans among the 207 killed as blasts rock churches, hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter
News ImageThe explosions injured hundreds more in simultaneous attacks at several high-end hotels and churches on Easter Sunday, according to media reports.
Sun, 21 Apr 2019 12:08:27 -0400
Illinois police officer helps teenager land a job
News ImageAn Illinois police officer pulled over a teenager for an expired tag, but instead of writing him a ticket, he took the teen to a job interview.
Sat, 20 Apr 2019 07:01:18 -0400
How the U.S. Navy Sank Imperial Japan's Top Secret Aircraft Carrier
News ImageNo doubt he intends to act as a decoy at some point to lure away our screening destroyers. That accomplished, his comrades can approach Shinano unopposed. We must guard against any such ploy, grumbled the thoughtful skipper.The first torpedo struck farthest aft. Over the next 30 seconds three more warheads detonated against the massive aircraft carriers hull, working their way forward. The explosions and instant flooding immediately killed scores of men, many asleep in their bunks.As tons of seawater cascaded into the wounded colossus, men below deck could see the extent of the damage, were seized with panic, and stampeded topside. The missiles had hit 10 feet below the water line, and on the bridge and upper levels the commander and his officers were not yet aware of how sorely they were hurt. Many had survived earlier torpedo attacks, and aboard less formidable vessels than this one. Even as their gargantuan ship began to list, they remained optimistic.Expressing the Flavor of an Ancient Samurai
Fri, 19 Apr 2019 22:00:00 -0400
Coloradans mark 20th anniversary of a dark day: Columbine shooting
News ImageIt has been 20 years since two heavily armed young men in dark trenchcoats entered a Colorado high school and launched a bloody attack that seared the word "Columbine" into the American psyche, forever transforming the debate on gun rights and school violence. As people on Saturday prepared to mark the anniversary of the massacre in Littleton, Colorado -- in which teenaged shooters Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 12 Columbine High School students and a teacher before turning their guns on themselves -- there were words of grief and loss and anger. School shootings, once almost unheard of, have become a tragic feature of American life -- requiring all schools to tighten security, forcing even six-year-olds to take part in traumatic "live-shooter" drills.
Sat, 20 Apr 2019 12:29:21 -0400
NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week
News ImageA roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue stories and visuals of the week. None of these is legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked these out. Here are the real facts:
Fri, 19 Apr 2019 16:11:30 -0400
Vulnerable House Democrats tread carefully in wake of Mueller report
News ImageMore than 30 Democratic representatives, many of whom are in their first term, represent districts that supported Trump in 2016. The party's chances of keeping control of the U.S. House of Representatives likely hinge its ability to defend those seats.
Sun, 21 Apr 2019 02:54:12 -0400
The 8 best deals and sales you can get online this Sunday
The 8 best deals and sales you can get online this SundayWhat better way to relax and recharge than with some retail therapy?
Sun, 21 Apr 2019 10:32:53 -0400
Northern Irish Police: Journalists Murder Sign Of A New Brand Of Terrorism
News ImageNorthern Irish police said a new brand of terrorism was responsible for the death of a well-respected journalist who was killed last week as they announced the arrest of two teenagers in connection with the killing.Twenty-nine year-old journalist and LGBT activist Lyra McKee was fatally shot on Thursday while covering a clash between police and nationalist rioters in Londonerry. She was standing near police officers when rioters fired gunshots and threw petrol bombs at police. During a press conference on Saturday, police in Northern Ireland announced that they had arrested two men, 18 and 19 years old, under the countrys terrorism act in connection with McKees murder. Theyhave been taken the two to Musgrave Serious Crime Suite for questioning.On Friday, police blamed McKees murder on gunshot wounds fired indiscriminately, and released footage of a masked gunman firing during the riots. What we are seeing is a new breed of terrorist coming through the ranks and that for me is a very worrying situation, Police Service of Northern Ireland Superintendent Jason Murphy said.Violence has flared in Northern Ireland over the past several months as the United Kingdoms exit from the European Union has once again raised questions about the Republic of Ireland and Northern Irelands borders. Law enforcement on Friday blamed the killing on members of the New Irish Republican Army. The small group rejects the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement, which put an end to the unrest of the period dubbed the Troubles and years of sectarian civil war between Irish nationalists and UK loyalists. According to the Associated Press, the group has also been blamed for a car bombing in Londonderry earlier this year, as well as several killings over the past several years. The group also claimed it sent mail bombs across the UK.McKee, an independent journalist whose work covering the conflict in Northern Ireland once earned her a spot on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, was just weeks away from publishing her first book about young people who disappeared during the Troubles.Her death sparked an outpouring of grief from journalists and many local and international political figures. This cannot stand, her partner Sara Canning said during a vigil on Friday. Lyras death must not be in vain because her life was a shining light in everyone elses life, and her legacy will live on in the light that shes left behind.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Sat, 20 Apr 2019 17:38:32 -0400
North Korea slams Bolton's 'dim-sighted' call for sign of denuclearization
News ImageNorth Korea has criticized U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton's "nonsense" call for Pyongyang to show that its serious about giving up its nuclear weapons, the second time it has criticized a leading U.S. official in less than a week. U.S. President Donald Trump has said he is open to a third summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but Bolton told Bloomberg News on Wednesday there first needed to be "a real indication from North Korea that they've made the strategic decision to give up nuclear weapons".
Sat, 20 Apr 2019 03:49:05 -0400
Converse introduces trans-themed shoes for Pride and Twitter is happy for once
News ImageBrands sometimes go too hard during Pride season. Every once in a while, however, they get it right.The year 2019 has already brought us one *actually good* example. Converse recently introduced its LGBTQ Pride sneaker line, which now includes sneakers modeled after the Transgender Pride flag.This is the first time Converse has ever had a trans-specific sneaker.SEE ALSO: Mapping state-by-state tech trends: Most popular dating appsThe trans-specific sneakers currently retail for $80. Customers can also customize their own rainbow Pride shoes and add Trans Pride flair.Regardless of how you feel about corporate participation during gay Pride, this is a huge symbolic step forward. Advocates for the trans community have long complained that gay and lesbian people dominate the LGBTQ movement.Recognizing the trans community as a separate -- though equally sneaker-worthy community -- is emblematic of a larger cultural shift.Trans people are clearly moving into the public spotlight, and they can show that (if Converse is their thing) on their feet.Twitter was largely enthusiastic about the move.&> TransIsBeautiful &> Thank you @Converse for making a trans PRIDE shoe this year! &> My 11 year-old-son is ECSTATIC!> &> -- Rachel Q. Lyons (@RachelQLyons) April 15, 2019&> CONVERSE HAS A NEW PRIDE COLLECTION THAT INCLUDES TRANS PRIDE SNEAKERS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!! &> &> SHOP HERE: (affiliate link)> &> -- Alysse Dalessandro (@readytostare) April 19, 2019&> I thought "which of my trans friends would rock Converse decked out in the colors of the trans flag," and then immediately realized the answer was "all of them."> &> -- Aram Vartian (@vartian) April 19, 2019&> Me, looking at the chuck taylor pride collection for this year: *not super impressed* &> Converse: we have trans shoes now &> Me, out loud: DAMMIT> &> -- Rowan Adventurezone (@politebotanist) April 20, 2019&> Y'all let me know when @converse lets me put trans flags on these (and they come in my size).> &> -- Xan (@AlexandriaDVine) April 20, 2019&> Look! You can make them with the pride base but then add trans pride touches. I'm in love!> &> -- We'll Have A Gay Old Time (@IssaMeBrianO) April 19, 2019This Twitter user perhaps said it best.&> Fuckin converse put the Trans flag on some shoes like.....yes fine I will buy them you stupid brand, ill bow to capitalism just this once&> &> -- Thank you gay dad (@Darius_lives) April 19, 2019Happy incredibly early Pride, everyone! WATCH: Meet the 10-year-old drag kid shaping the future of drag youth
Sat, 20 Apr 2019 10:19:48 -0400
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